Vintage Radio

This old radio is used in the VR game The Red Stare.
I did the textures, another artist did the mesh and the UV's.
Its working ingame and is the players main source of old classics.

Ralf hakkesteegt screenshot000

Old Radio that I textured using Substance Painter

3D viewer

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 05 24 15 23 08 substance painter 1 7 3 radio

I first started on the normals and the front side, here I just finished the roster in front of the speakers.

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 05 24 15 24 34 substance painter 1 7 3 radio

The original reference model didn't have an open backside like this. So I added it to make it more interesting.

Ralf hakkesteegt

The reference model we used, my versions roster is way more saturated, I wanted to give the radio a warmer feel because its suppose to express a positive and warm vibe to the player, inviting him/her to turn on the music.

Ralf hakkesteegt reference backside

The reference I based my backside on, I almost completely replicated it in Substance Painter and NDO.