1950's building with fenced windows - Environment Artist for The Red Stare

This is one of the buildings I designed, modeled and textured for a project I'm currently working on.
It's placed on the right of the main building in the game, it has some nice detail on the bottom because this part is closest to the players view.
It is a slightly more classy building than the others, but very old and recently some floors have been shut down.

Ralf hakkesteegt screenshot03

Street-view of the building, rendered in Marmoset Toolbag

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011021

I placed a water-tower perpendicular to the building to get a nice shadow when the sun is going down.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011006

The building at night with lit up windows.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011018
Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 13 14 57 41 autodesk maya 2016 student version i projects y2016 y3 theapartment legacy a

Bottom windows, as you can see I gave some parts a slightly different change in the position of the windows.

Ralf hakkesteegt buildingbmodel

Modular pieces and model with the original amount of floors, the height of the building changed so it wouldn't block to much of the sky.

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 06 12 02 16 substance painter 1 7 3 buildingb

Substance painter render of an earlier version of the buildings textures. It has the bricks painted red pinkish.

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 06 12 04 42

Lower floors of the building with fenced windows.

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 06 12 03 27 substance painter 1 7 3 buildingb

Top floor with an inscription on a plaque

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 06 12 04 09 substance painter 1 7 3 buildingb

Some floors are boarded up and sometimes even completely closed with brick