New York Subway Train

A 1960's New York subway train, with nice more modern reflective metal materials.
It's used in a VR game called The Red Stare.
The purpose of the train is to be a nice visual distraction to bring life to the environment. It's seen from a distance and drives by every now and then.

3D viewer

Ralf hakkesteegt screenshot006

A render done in Marmoset Toolbag. The fog gives a very nice effect on the lights of the trains.

Ralf hakkesteegt screenshot003

A version with and without emissive-maps

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 06 10 18 01 50 ralfhakkesteegt com new york subway train opera

The different maps and polycount the model is using, this can also be seen in the 3D viewer

3D viewer

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011002

The rails ingame during the day, I like how the top of the metal reflects the blue sky.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011003

The subway at night, maybe the interior lights could be a bit warmer.

Ralf hakkesteegt screenshot001

The model after most of the normals were done and the base materials

Ralf hakkesteegt

After finding this poster of the New York City World's Fair from 1964 when I was looking for reference, I immediately fell in love and had to put it in the game even though its ten years to young.

Ralf hakkesteegt 6320404439 670d30e2e5 b

Because the model is going to be far away from the player, I didn't add the 'springs' at the front of the train to save polygons. I also didn't use this paint-job because I wanted the train to be instantly recognizable as a New York subway,