1952-3 Lighter and Cigarette Soft Pack

The lighter is based on a 1952-53 special edition golden eagle model of the famous lighter brand 'Zippo'.
It is used in a VR game called the Red Stare (which imagery you can also find on my portfolio).

Used to light cigarettes, cigars, secret documents and photographs.
Easily flipped open with a swing of your arm.

Cigarette soft pack, from the made up cigarette brand 'Doggy Strikes'.
The old fashion rip opening offers the convenience of not having to open the package each time the smoker wants a cigarette.

3D viewer

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 06 07 22 00 40 ralfhakkesteegt com 1952 3 lighter and cigarette soft pack opera

Final version of the 'Doggy Strikes' cigarette pack rendered in Marmoset

Ralf hakkesteegt redstarelighterfinal002

Final version of the lighter rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

3D viewer

Ralf hakkesteegt cigaretteboxreference

Reference and early iterations of the cigarette soft pack

Ralf hakkesteegt redstarelighterconcepts

A couple of different iterations of the lighters logo

Ralf hakkesteegt redstarelighterfinal

Final game model and material, rendered in Substance Painter.

Ralf hakkesteegt pasted image at 2017 03 31 11 32 am

Ingame Render