The Red Stare - New York Back ally - under Playe:D

Early 1950's, a New York back ally.

This is the exterior environment for the award winning VR game 'The Red Stare'. available on steam: http://Steam.Theredstare.Com
The Red Stare is a room-scale VR game about spying on communist spies from your apartment window.

In The Red Stare you act as an American agent in the 1950s on a stake out. Gathering evidence on your neighbors, figuring out what role they play with the goal of eventually identifying which one of them is a communist spy.

I've been responsible for designing, modeling, UVing and texturing most of the exterior environment and some of the props of the game.
This is a school project in which me and my team have total freedom on what to develop.
The game is published on Steam and is free of charge.

Most of the assets I created you can also find on my portfolio as separate pieces.

Ralf hakkesteegt wideshoteredstare001

Winner of two Dutch Game Awards!
Best Student Art Direction
Best Student Game Direction

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011001

Newest ingame render. We are using a dynamic day and night cycle now. It greatly improved the lighting of the scene.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshotdaycycle

The day and night cycle, some of the different lighting situations of the day.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011013
Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011025

The interior of the game

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011019

A view from the balcony of one of the buildings.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011004

The environment at night, the building on the left still needs to be lit properly.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011015

The evening falls, and the building and telephone-pole in front of you give a really nice silhouette.

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 08 19 57 18 substance painter 1 7 3 streetmesh

Textured version of the street, rendered in Substance Painter

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 08 20 45 54 autodesk maya 2016 student version i projects y2016 y3 theapartment legacy a

wireframe of all the buildings I made

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 08 20 46 10 autodesk maya 2016 student version i projects y2016 y3 theapartment legacy a

The different colors in the materials make it easier for me to know which part has what material.